Features and Benefits

  • This eDataMax CRM software offers a range of features and benefits to help businesses succeed.

  • One of its main features is the project management tool, which allows users to track expenses and time spent on tasks and assign multiple staff members to projects.

  • The software also enables one-click invoice creation, allowing users to build professional invoices with different tax options and attach files.

  • Creating estimates is made easy with eDataMax CRM, and users can convert estimates to invoices automatically.
    The software also allows the creation of visually appealing proposals, including images, tables, and YouTube videos.

  • eDataMax CRM includes a leads management feature, which uses a simple Kanban system to track leads and their progress.

  • Users can also record and set up recurring expenses automatically created after a specified period.
    The software enables users to register and receive payments in various currencies, with the option to pay via PayPal and Stripe.

  • It also provides an excellent support ticket system, with auto responses and predefined ticket replies.
    Other features of eDataMax CRM include a knowledge base for customers and staff members, built-in staff tasks management, contract management, surveys for leads and customers, a detailed calendar, company newsfeed, goals tracking, the ability to create additional custom fields, and simple reports for quick overviews.