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What Are the Benefits of Cloud Deployment and SaaS Over Traditional On-Premise Solutions?

The Cloud model has been gaining traction with wholesale distributors for over a decade and is replacing the old outdated client-server model. The majority of new deployments today, particularly for small and medium-size businesses that don’t already employ large IT departments, are hosted in the Cloud. With Cloud deployment and SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing, you have considerable financial and operational flexibility, since you don’t incur all the costs upfront, and you can scale up or down easily as needed.

Compare the Benefits of SaaS Pricing

  • No upfront charges or maintenance costs for the server or the software
  • The only upfront non-recurring costs are for services involved in implementation, training and data conversion
  • Lower networking and infrastructure costs
  • No need for internal IT resources to support the network, server or software
  • Improved uptime and reliability
  • Data backups, periodic procedures and utilities and software updates are all handled for you
  • Much easier to scale up as your business grows with SaaS ERP

With a Cloud deployment, you are outsourcing the costs of purchasing and managing your server and software and are instead paying for them on a monthly basis. The all-in cost of a server over its life is very much lower for cloud vendors (e.g., Amazon Web Services) than it is for you when you take into account the efficiencies, IT support and better utilizations that huge data centers can achieve. Similarly, the costs for us to update, maintain and keep your Accolent ERP system on the latest release are much lower for us, than for you, to have your IT staff do this. These lower costs on the server and the software are passed onto you in the SaaS subscription fee.

With a SaaS solution, you don’t need to worry about maintaining either your hardware or software. Additional maintenance contracts with eDataMax are not required, because maintenance is included as part your of SaaS subscription charges.

Questions about Cloud Hosted Software?

Although the Cloud model has been widely used for more than a decade, some distributors perceive this as new and have concerns about hosting their software in the Cloud. Let us explain to you why this perception is incorrect; the technology is well established (as can be seen from the success of companies like Salesforce.com, Google and Microsoft’s move to cloud services). Distributors’ perceived concerns about the lack of control in not owning the server or the software or about data security have all been addressed and solved.