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SaaS (Software as a Service)

Cloud-based Hosting

eDataMax's Cloud-based Hosting removes much of the need for IT skills within your company - which typically are tied up looking after servers and client installations.

Cloud-based Hosting moves the server away from your company's operations, removing the headache of responsibility for this component - you do not need to invest time and money in the purchase of hardware, nor in the resources required for its maintenance. Using web clients removes the need for installation and upgrades on client machines.

Cloud-based Hosting also delivers 24x7 availability to your data from anywhere in the world - all you need is an internet connection. It also delivers easy scalability, as you can readily get access to larger servers as your business grows.

eDataMax and its partners offer a package of services and solutions, including maintaining and checking automated backups, data storage, maintaining firewalls and assistance with upgrades, leaving customers free simply to use their eDataMax solution rather than using resource to maintain it.

All these services are provided by specialists in Enterprise by eDataMax software, not only giving you peace of mind but also saving significant training expenditure compared to developing these skills in-house. Consider, for example, the implications for your business of downtime and tied-up resources in getting your business restarted in the event of server failure - Cloud Hosting removes this headache from your company.