What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management software used by companies to collect, manage and analyze data concerning various aspects of business, all from within one unified system. An ERP system provides an integrated view of all core business processes, from supply chain management and sales pipeline to customer service and accounting, taking into consideration information from every part of the company and any type of transaction. Real time workflow and reporting tools of a modern ERP provide timely and accurate information to business managers for informed decision making.

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ERP in the Cloud

The concept of "cloud computing" where the application can live anywhere on the internet and be delivered to the business through "the cloud" has become THE buzz-word "du jour" and the benefits are now widely understood. "Cloud computing" has been a reality for BMS adopters since 2003 - now 16 years ago!! This demonstrates just how far ahead of it's time it was when first released. BMS adopters have enjoyed the benefits of fast access from anywhere, anytime and saved the significant costs of server purchase, maintenance and administration for many years already!